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We apologize that our website has not been updated in some time. After the holidays we will be working to bring
it up to date. In the meantime you can find our current inventory here

Now in stock, Maestro guitars from Singapore, impeccable hand made instruments, including rare double-tops.

We are proud to be the largest dealer for Timber Tones luxury guitar picks in country, check them out in our ebay store here

Stonebridge - The most affordable high-end acoustics on the planet!

"I bought a 2005 OM32-SM from a dealer in Cleveland, OH (Guitars Plus USA), and I absolutely love it. In all the years I've played, I can honestly say I've never experienced a guitar with such a feel and response as this. While I'm not in the market for another guitar, I have to sat what you're representing is an outstanding instrument, no matter what style."

At Guitars Plus USA we seek out the absolute best values in guitars. Over the years, we've owned and played just about everything under the sun. We know what to look for in a great guitar.

In our quest to find the best value in a higher-end line we came across Stonebridge guitars, built by Frantisek Furch, one of Europe's top luthiers.

I recall the day we unpacked the first Grand Acoustic model that arrived at the store. Steve had left the floor for a moment, while I meticulously inspected the construction, and build quality. Incredible!
Perhaps the most flawless instrument I'd ever seen. I leaned gently onto a guitar stool, and carefully brushed a chord. Remarkable! After fingerpicking an old ragtime tune and a few other more contemporay
ditties, I grabbed a flatpick and went  through a strumming routine I use to test the sonic qualities of every guitar we get in.

Now, I love and own a lot of guitars. But I swear, at that moment I seriously thought about leaving them all for this. My first inclination was to just disappear. Steve was out of the room; I could just leave
now with the Stonebridge and never be seen again. Brazil might be good. An amazing guitar can drive a person to do almost anything!

While flight was a big temptation, it just didn't override a growing urge to climb to the summit of a high mountain and shout, "This is the best &*^% guitar I've ever played".

Barring the mountains, I delicately placed the guitar in a stand, took a calm step, and then bolted upstairs, in leaps and bounds,  to tell Steve about Truth.

The bottom line: Stonebridge are the best value you'll ever find in a higher-end guitar.

Look at it this way; American-made models of the same caliber will cost you $4000-$6000. Maybe even more. You can have 2
or 3 Stonebridge for that...and you'll never want or need another guitar again.

The list of Stonebridge artists speaks volumes. Worldclass guitarists like Antoine Dufour simply need and demand the best instruments available. And Stonebridge brings that to the table.

Visit the Stonebridge website to check out the models, artists and learn more about these fabulous instruments! And have a look at the models we currently have in stock.

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