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We apologize that our website has not been updated in some time. After the holidays we will be working to bring
it up to date. In the meantime you can find our current inventory here

Now in stock, Maestro guitars from Singapore, impeccable hand made instruments, including rare double-tops.

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Maestro Acoustics: An Incredibly Fine Guitar

We first heard about Maestro Acoustics when we were contacted by email by the founder late last year. They looked very nice, but with all the potential email scams that abound, we could not be certain that whoever contacted us was legit. So, when we heard that they were going to be at the January NAMM show we asked one of our reps for another line to check them out. He was so impressed he signed up as Maestro's U.S. rep; and are we ever glad he did. We placed an order almost immediately and were blown away when they arrived.

Maestro guitars are handcrafted in a 100% humidity-controlled facility to ensure stability and dependability. The founder of Maestro carefully selects all material that goes into his instrument; exotic and traditional tonewoods and soundboards that are rich in tap tones, components that are dependable, bracing, binding, and even strings and pickup systems. With his team of experienced luthiers, they are able to handcraft each instrument to its full potential, ensuring each has optimal projection, responsiveness, harmonics, and rich overtones.

Many guitars have features that are rare and expensive, such as soundports and beveled armrests. Some feature a "Double Top." The Double Top has a Nomex Honeycomb as a core making the top lighter while maintaining structural integrity, increasing responsiveness, sustain and projection, and enhances the clarity, fundamentals and overtones of the instruments. Tim McKnight, McKnight guitars says "Everyone who has played my Double Tops has been amazed at the sheer volume, power, projection and headroom the top has while still being extremely responsive to a light touch. These tops have the widest dynamic range that I have ever heard on any guitar."

The Maestro Custom Series epitomizes what a finely handcrafted guitar should be. Delicately handcrafted from the inside out by their highly-trained luthiers, individually selected and tap-tuned soundboards by Hozen the founder, luthier-grade american hot hide-glue to ensure optimal transfer of vibration and improve tonal response, dovetail neck joint for enhanced sustain, and carbon fiber reinforced Khaya Mahogany necks.

After receiving, inspecting and playing Maestro guitars I was a believer, and immediately started to try to decide which custom built Maestro I wanted to commission to add to my personal collection.

A few days later we were trying our first one. A breathtaking moment. An amazing instrument! Truly a major bargain.

Please check out our latest stock of  Maestro Acoustics, and don't hesitate to email or call for more information.

Maestro Raffles Indian
                Rosewood Double Top