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Check out our pics from Summer Namm 2008!
Eastman Guitars (pic 1), Eastman Guitars (pic 2), Shubb Capos, EMG Pickups, Ernie Ball, Tanglewood Guitars (pic 1),
Tanglewood Guitars (pic 2), Godin / Seagull Guitars, Aria / D'Aquisto Guitars, St. Blues Guitars (pic 1), St. Blues Guitars (pic 2)
Tanglewood Guitars pic1 - Summer NAMM 2008
Here's one of our favorite hangouts; the Tanglewood Guitars booth. We just had to check out the new models, and admire all of our favorites, together in one beautiful display.

For those of you who don't know about Tanglewood, you should! They're definitely the best value you'll find in an acoustic line. Unmatched quality and fantastic pricing. That doesn't say enough!

It was great meeting some of the folks there, and we look forward to stocking up on more Tanglewoods.