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Check out our pics from Summer Namm 2008!
Eastman Guitars (pic 1), Eastman Guitars (pic 2), Shubb Capos, EMG Pickups, Ernie Ball, Tanglewood Guitars (pic 1),
Tanglewood Guitars (pic 2), Godin / Seagull Guitars, Aria / D'Aquisto Guitars, St. Blues Guitars (pic 1), St. Blues Guitars (pic 2)
Eastman Guitars Summer NAMM 2008 - Picture 1
The Eastman Guitars booth. We're always happy to talk with the great folks at Eastman. Excellent guitars and staff!

Check out that gorgeous cutaway in the foreground. Played great and sounded incredible. Aside from their superb jazz guitars, Eastman is definitely a major contender in the acoustic department.