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We are  honored to now be carrying exquisite guitars made by Bob Thompson, the finest guitars we have ever played, and everyone that plays them agrees. We currently have 3 Dreadnaughts in stock, a Mahogany, an Indian Rosewood and a Brazilian Rosewood made from salvaged Brazilian Rosewood that was cut in the 1930s and lost at sea for 70 years. We will have them listed soon. If you have never heard of Bob, check out his website here.

Now in stock, Maestro guitars from Singapore, impeccable hand made instruments, including rare double-tops.

We are proud to be the largest dealer for Timber Tones luxury guitar picks in country, check them out in our ebay store here

Eastman Acoustics: High Class Quality & Tone; Superb Value

As companies push to exceed each other in quality and price, there are some very good values around when it comes to acoustic guitars.

Yet most remain just another brick in a huge wall of "mid-priced" instruments. While they are very good, they don't quite capture
what it is that makes a guitar great.

We all know these guitars. Terrific buys with good quality construction and tone. Many of us have one or a few of these around, and justifiably adore them. I myself am no exception.

But then every so often, you sit down and play something that forces you to re-evaluate your stagnating notion of quality and tone. Something that makes your mid-priced baby pale in comparison. Suddenly you realize or recall, what a truly great guitar looks like, feels like, and sounds like. And you just have to have it!

If you've felt this way recently, and there was the possibility you might actually be able to afford the guitar, then you must have been playing an Eastman.

Eastman's jazz guitars and stringed orchestral instruments are legendary. If you haven't heard, so are their acoustic guitars.

We're extremely proud to carry (and personally own) Eastman acoustics. If you're looking for the ultimate in quality, tone and affordability, Eastman has a guitar for you!

Check out our latest stock of  Eastman Acoustics, and Eastman Jazz Guitars. Please don't hesitate to email or call for more information.

How do others feels about Eastman guitars? See our Eastman Accolades page.

Eastman Acoustic Guitars