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it up to date. In the meantime you can find our current inventory here

Now in stock, Maestro guitars from Singapore, impeccable hand made instruments, including rare double-tops.

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Eastman Accolades

Eastman make fabulous guitars! We've had a lot of great comments from customers who have purchased an Eastman guitar. Here's just a sample of the accolades:


When I heard Steve at Guitars Plus USA would be among the first to receive Eastman’s new E20-OO, I asked to be put on his waiting list…a good move on my part because it turns out Steve had the inside scoop about this new model and placed his order before everyone else. Later, Steve let me know mine was on its way.

But there was a problem; the shipper’s on-line status report showed my guitar as “delivered”, but I hadn’t received it. I let Steve know of the situation. He notified the shipper to start their investigation and explained to me this was highly unusual and he was confident it would be located. But just in case, he pledged to not sell a second E20-OO until we knew whether the first was found. Incredible! This model was selling like hotcakes and he was willing to hold one for me until my situation was resolved. Fantastic customer care.

The good news is my guitar had been delivered to my neighbor by mistake and I received it the next evening.

Yes, the Eastman E20-OO is everything I hoped it would be: great materials, terrific workmanship, looks beautiful. And smaller guitars are said to have less volume, less projection, less bass, etc. Not true of this model. It has surprising amounts of all of those qualities and sustain not to be believed. That 20-year-old Adirondack spruce top sure makes a huge difference.

Did I mention I’m very happy? Certainly happy with the Eastman E20-OO and more than happy with Steve for his stand-up customer service.


"All I can say is WOW......
great guitar, no issues, gives my 6,000.00 hand built a run for it's

AC820CE & AC630CE

I just bought my 2nd Eastman guitar from Steve at Guitars Plus USA and this time was even better than the first. I got a AC820CE the first time and have enjoyed it so much and had so many compliments on how great it sounds that when I was considering buying my first 12 string, what else should I look at but a Eastman. Steve had one in stock. An AC630CE. It is georgous. Beautiful Engleman spruce top with a maple back and sides that defies description. Sounds incredible and plays great. Can't say enough about the tone and appearance of Eastman guitars. Thanks again Steve!!!! Bob


"NOTE:  I am not affiliated with Guitars Plus USA in anyway shape or form - I am just a very satisfied customer. Long story short I purchased an E10D from Steve at Guitars Plus USA and took it over to my buddies house and he liked it so much he ordered one too - that is basically what happened. 

Anyways, I found Steve/Guitars Plus USA to be very professional, kind, and genuinely customer oriented.  I took a shot and ordered from them after reading this forum and I'll tell you guys I am happy.  I will definitely order from them again in fact I may end up ordering the E20D just to have the Hog/Adi AND the RW/Adi....I know it's indulgent but I cannot get over this E10D.  It is a remarkable instrument period.  

At my friends house we compared it to Martins, Collings, etc...and it really holds it's own. 

Now...I'm not going to tell you I liked it better than his $4000 Collings adi with Honduran RW but we both agreed if we did a blind sound test it would hold it's own.  In his opinion it is very comparable to a Martin D18GE.  1 3/4" neck, forward bracking, same tone woods etc...

Anyways back on topic - do not hesitate to buy from these guys - they are outstanding and will go the extra distance to make you happy!  "


"I wanted to send out a big 'THANKS' to Steve at Guitars Plus for the great service and awesome Eatsman  AC820 CE I bought from him. This acoustic is very well made and has playability and tone that rivals and maybe beats a Gibson J-100 Cutaway I've owned for 16+ years. I was looking for a guitar for a friend when Eastman was recommended to me. When I went to a local dealer to hear and play it I was so impressed that I told my wife I must get one!......Thanks again Steve."


"Got the guitar in record time. Not only the service but truly the guitar beat any possible expectation. I am blown away, this beats any Martin, Breedlove or Laravee I played in comparison. Flawless workmanship, hyper responsiveness, wonderful action and tone like melting butter. Plenty of volume and bark if called upon. Truly a tone poem.

Thank you so much!!"


"I just wanted to write and say a huge THANK YOU for your input and guidance
regarding Eastman guitars.  I am astounded at the quality (fit & finish) and tone of
the instrument; it has far exceeded my expectations!  If/when the time arises for an
additional acoustic guitar, another Eastman purchase will definitely be made at
Guitars Plus USA.  Thank you again for making this guitar purchase a very pleasant
one. Overjoyed,"
"The guitar arrived on Monday in perfect condition. Your packaging and
service are far above par!

Eastman's quality and craftsmanship surpass guitars that I've paid 3
times the price - and the tone is top notch. I've recommended your website to
several friends, and look forward to future purchases at Guitars Plus
USA of my own. Thank you!"


"Steve, this guitar is all I expected to be and then
some.  My goal in this purchase was a carved top archtop and this
delivers in spades. I got the guitar to growl a little without feedback which was nice, but the strength here is the articulate, snappy nature of the guitar
itself.  Very impressive.  I put a set of flat wounds on it and it
didn't effect tone much at all.  In fact, it brought out the best
elements of the flatwound string."
"My buddy (a Martin-toting bluegrasser) just left after a three-hour session. As he played the AC508, he kept saying 'wow.' Couldn't believe the tone and projection out of a
smaller size guitar -- especially right out of the box. And this was the first time I got to hear the guitar from the "other side." I'm very happy

I played my Larrivee for most of the bluegrass stuff. Then we got into some
John Hurt and Doc Watson fingerstyle and I switched to the Eastman. That's
the ticket! It's a keeper!"


"Just a quick note to let you know that the Eastman 508s arrived on Wednesday well-packed and in good order.
I hardly know where to begin or what to say in describing this guitar.
During the first half-hour or so of playing, it was a little sluggish and sounded thin. The new strings required frequent retuning.  When the strings finally got played in a bit and settled down, and this baby vibrated together for a while and started to open up it was. . . how many adjectives are there in the English language to describe the tone:  clear, warm, woody, beautiful are inadequate, but they are the best I can do.  Really,  I'm at a loss for words.  Price to value for the Eastman is unsurpassed.
The workmanship is nearly flawless--the nut is slightly off, but that doesn't effect the tone or intonation one bit, and should be an easy fix. In all other respects, the guitar is as perfect inside and out as anything this side of heaven can be.   I love the understated elegance of this guitar, which may not be for everyone but perfectly suits my taste.   Everything about the guitar resonates the care and quality that comes from small-shop production, albeit a small shop that happens to be in China rather than the United States.
I thought with this purchase that my days of buying acoustic guitars were at and end.  After all, I have everything I need.  Well, I'm not so sure now.  I may have to have another Eastman--I certainly want one-- a sunburst model this time or perhaps an all-mahogany 508s, if Eastman will do a custom order.
I've spent a lot of time with this guitar since it arrived on Wednesday, and used it in both of my regular weekend gigs.  On Saturday, I felt confident enough just to use the 508 and my Nationals.  I didn't even bother with a back-up acoustic.  I have no regrets.  The Eastman performed magnificently.  I received numerous compliments about the guitar.  The tone through a microphone filled the room.
Thanks so much for this terrific instrument and even more for the informative and honest service that I received, to say nothing of the great price.  In addition to Eastman guitars, I'll certainly be singing the praises of Guitars Plus USA.  You made this one of the easiest and least stressful instrument purchases that I've ever made, and that includes buying an instrument  in person as well as over the Internet. "
"Hello, I bought the Eastman AC808 last week and got today. Wow what a guitar, better than what I ever expected!!  Thanks so much!"


"Just a quick note to let you know I absolutely love the Eastman AC320 I bought last week.  I simply could not be happier with it.  I appreciate the time you let me take to make the right decision."


"I received the guitar yesterday.  Prior to deciding on the Eastman, I had played a variety of very beautiful, high quality guitars in the $2000 to $3000 category.  This Eastman AC720-SB is the whole package.  The beauty of the woods and the workmanship, the awesome artistic sunburst finish, the action, the tone, the weight, the price!!  My wife, bless her heart, insisted that I find a sunburst finish that she loved.  I'm glad she kept me from "settling" for something less than this guitar.  The grain pattern in the Engelmann spruce top is unbelievably beautiful  This is an heirloom guitar, a real keeper.  I am an Eastman believer now.  And thanks to Guitars Plus USA - you did a fantastic job of packing and shipping and offering a fine instrument at a great price. "


"I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how happy I am with the Eastman AC720SB. I appreciate your help in selecting the perfect guitar for me.

It is absolutely beautiful, the sunburst finish over the Engelmann top is stunning and the Rosewood back & sides look amazing. The small crease in the finish that made this guitar a blem is a non factor, it’s not even noticeable.

The tone is incredibly warm and it plays beautifully, this guitar just sings and I couldn’t be happier. I will have this guitar for a long time and will get many years of enjoyment out it.

Thanks again for all your help and I will be sure to tell anyone that listens to visit your site!"


"I received the guitar today, and I haven't been able to put her down! Now, that's what I'm talkin' about, that's what an acoustic should sound like! Man, I thought I was hearing a grand piano coming from that low end! Nicely packed, too, great job."

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